Why Store in UV glass?


The sun emits visible and invisible parts of light. You can see the visible spectrum of colors white light is channeled through a glass prism. There is also many other frequencies which are invisible to our eyes and lies in the band of electromagnetic wavelengths of infra red and UV-A.

Why Store on UV glass?

     Sunlight enables all plants to grow. If they continue to be exposed to the sun after harvest, the effect of the light changes and accelerates the molecular decaying process. Our violet glass works like a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and even improves the quality of premium Herb. 


     Since the beginning of time people have used jars/bottles/containers to store & preserve their goods yet all have had their drawbacks…

     These include too much light being able to enter (clear/brown/blue glass) thus speeding up the molecular decay, or too dark/ in turn not letting enough beneficial light in resulting in mold/mildew.  -This is why many water and air purification units have Ultra-Violet Lights mounted inside. 

    Even worse we now have plastic containers or bags that leach deadly toxins into your Organic goods, exposing yourself to numerous disease causing petroleum derivatives. Not to mention the damage caused to the Planet by our throw-away lifestyle. 

     Thanks to the recently rediscovered wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians there is now a better way to store and even enhance your high dollar herb. The answer lies in the principle of BIOPHOTONICS which is the ability to utilize “Beneficial Light” in 3 spectrums (FAR-IR, UVA and Visible Violet) to Cure, Preserve and Enhance, while blocking out all damaging light in a perfect Air-Tight seal via a non-toxic LDPE foam lined Screw top lid. Our 2 larger 1/4lb dry herb capacity and 1/2lb Curing Apothecary Jars have a machined glass Lid that makes a air tight seal similar to how a water pipe seals. 


Studies Conducted in Germany


As you can see from the 4 different types of Glass, Ours is the only kind that blocks out all Damaging Rays -while allowing in the Beneficial UVA, Far-IR and Visible Violet Spectrums Further confirmation of this functionality comes from the Science of Biophotonics.